Thursday, September 12, 2013

Never Mind...Just pack your luggage and move to Narnaul ...because I love my country...

Dear All

You will be surprised to see why I am updating my blog within a month. Just to make you aware, that I have got transferred from Kaithal to Mahendregarh and I have just joined here as ADC. 

Everyone asked me why I was transferred so soon. But, I really, don't know till date. I really have no reason to tell as within 10 days, its even possible to understand a district, leave alone the probability of having an altercation with someone but probably this is the irony of the set up. Many aspirants mail me and ask me whether I should prepare for civils or not because people get transferred so frequently and so much political pressure is there. But, to them, my reply is it is the reality of the day, I can not deny it but transfers are bound to happen.

The main catalyst that gives you the zeal and energy to start and during preparation for civils is your love for your country. I have earlier written somewhere in my blog that while preparing if you find something difficult, then remember the hardships faced by our freedom fighters, the revolutionaries like Azad, Bismil, Ashfaqullah, Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, Pingley, Sukhdev,  Udham Singh and countless others and who fought with weapon of passive resistance like M.K. Gandhi, Patel, Rajendra Prasad and others, they have faced so many hardships that our generation can not even imagine. We have got all the comforts of life, mobiles, transport, internet, social networking etc, but at that time there was nothing but still there was a zeal and an enthusiasm to see the mother India a free nation. Always remember the lines "Des Mere, Des Mere, Meri Jaan Hai Tu". 

Lets  not think of  not preparing for civils just because of transfers or political pressures but let us start the preparation because we can and we will one day, be able to make our country free from the problems its facing right now. Its not possible to clean a dirty pond without entering into it. Better not to restrict ourselves to just discussions over a cup of tea to conclude that "is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta" but instead as told in rang de basanti " Zindagi jine ka do hi tarike hote hain, jo ho raha ho, hone do, hame kya ya doosra traika, beeda uthao, kuch karne ka aur use badalne ka". Let us take the charge, let us prepare for civils. This country needs honest officers. Without honest officers coming and taking charge of the system, the people to whom we call social workers and Baba's, will take away everything from our motherland. Already, they have looted the land in last 60 years much more than what the Britishers looted in 200 years. Lets prepare for UPSC to save India, lets be honest officers.

May Waheguru g make U an IAS officer. 
(The views expressed are entirely personal)