Friday, September 25, 2015

Continue the hard work friends with a new zeal and enthusiasm

Hi All
It's been over a year since I wrote something. Just that I got busy in life. Moreover I have felt that I have already written whatever little bit I know about the exam. Now I feel less useful because of changed pattern and all. About my notes, particularly punjabi, I continuously get emails. But I have given all my notes to aspirants. Some of them I have placed at various libraries. Some of them got lost. All my physics notes have seen similar fate. 
I have mentioned on my blog how to start with punjabi literature, where to buy books from. Because in punjabi biggest challenge is to find right resources. I again reiterate that to know whether you should take punjabi or not, best way is to start reading novels of Nanak Singh because that is the most interesting part of whole syllabus. If you find it boring then in no way you should take it, because have faith on me, most of the syllabus is much monotonous than these novels for that matter. 
About physics also I have mentioned the books. About GS and essay I have written to the best possible extent. Also I have written about how to choose an optional. And also some tips of interview I have mentioned too. 
Now nothing new is left with me. Since last five six months I was not able to reply to many of the aspirants. I replied quite a few people due to paucity of time. 
Now I am getting more and more busy because responsibility is increasing day by day, so request you all to please not to send your mails. 
Some people are even try to send messages or friend requests on Facebook but I am a bit reserved person, so I don't make friends with unknown people. Please don't take it as my arrogance after selection but this is my nature. 
I have started using Twitter more actively very recently and I generally comment or write whatever topic/news I find interesting, but there also I won't be able to reply to your queries regarding guidance, one can see that at my Twitter handle @PrabhjotIAS 
So, I wish you luck for the exam. I again say that there is no substitute to hard work and hard work should be done in a strategic manner with proper planning. 
But this hard work is worth it because this is the best job one can get. The opportunity to serve people of this country is the maximum in this job. The social prestige and associated dignity is a by product. But only Waheguru G can make one's hard work fruitful because it's not just hard work but luck too plays a big role. 

May Waheguru G make you an IAS officer.

Prabhjot Singh
ADC Kurukshetra